Afslørende fakta om credit cards i USA

Størrelsen af revolverende lån i USA, der bl.a. omfatter credit card gæld. Kurven viser fortsat en faldende tendens side 2008.

Her er nogle fakta omkring credit card situationen i USA:

* Average credit card debt per household with credit card debt: $15,788
* There are 609.8 million bank credit cards held by U.S. consumers.
* The U.S. credit card default rate is 13.01%
* In 2006, the United States Census Bureau determined that there were nearly 1.5 billion credit cards in use in the U.S. A stack of all those credit cards would reach more than 70 miles into space – and be almost as tall as 13 Mount Everests.
* Penalty fees from credit cards added up to about $20.5 billion in 2009.
* The national average default rate as January 2010 stood at 27.88% and the mean default rate is 28.99%.
* Total bankruptcy filings in 2009 reached 1.4 million, up from 1.09 million in 2008. Bankruptcies in 2010 are on pace to exceed 1.6 million.
* 26% of Americans, or more than 58 million adults, admit to not paying all of their bills on time. Among African-Americans, this number is at 51%.