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Jean-Claude Juckers 10 skridt til at løse eurokrisen

Posted af John Yde, 12. oktober, 2011 - 12:03

Iflg. Reuters har formanden for EUs finansministre, Luxembourgs Jean-Claude Juncker, opstillet 10 skridt til at løse eurozonen:

1 – “(Release) the next tranche, if that’s possible”

2 – “Ascertain the sustainability of Greek debt, otherwise we have to think about other steps that we can only take if we have given thought to all the consequences of those steps — to those outside Europe as well.”

3 – “Strict continuation of course of budget consolidation, with automatic sanctions for repeated failures to meet budgets

4 – “A road map toward bank recapitalization. The under-capitalized banks have to first try to get refinanced on markets. If that does not succeed, states have to consider whether they can jump in to make available the necessary capital.”

Tax payers should get dividends for rescuing banks.

“We cannot simply hand them the money. We need to make sure that those who provide capital in whatever form are also represented in the decision making bodies — in the supervisory board, the board of directors, in management — and that we participate in the profits.”

5 – Introduce a financial transaction tax

6 – “A growth program for so-called struggling countries.”

7 – “A different tone in Europe on budgets. It is not acceptable that European Union countries are divided into those who give and those who take.”

8 – “Stronger regulation of financial markets”

9 – “A new way to deal with ratings agencies.”

10 – “We need an economic government. I’m delighted that the number of those supporting this idea has grown rapidly.”

Link til Reuters artikel